Welcome to Shorinji Kempo Amsterdam West!

Shorinji kempo is a modern Japanese art of self defense with a zen buddhist background. The training focuses on selfdefense, and mental and physical development, based on the fact that body and mind are closely linked. To be able to practice selfdefense with each other you must also to be able to attack each other well and in a controlled manner. In this discipline you train combinations of attacks with throws, grips, kicks and punches and at the same time how to fend them off. A warm up, meditation and cooldown are part of the training.
You are always welcome to join a class for a free trial, the first month is € 20,00!
Big discount for Stadspas with green dot between 16 and 18 years old or 55+.

Studio 100

Studio 100, at de Wittenstraat 100, is an appealing and spacious room of 100m2 with a wooden floor, mats, a mirrored wall and dressing room. Zaal 100 is situated in the same building where there are many music- and theaterperformances and a vegetarian neighborhood restaurant.